Robinne Weiss: The Dragon Slayer’s Son

Nathan is shocked to learn that his father is dead, and even more shocked to learn that he died in the line of duty as a dragon slayer. Everything he thought he knew about his father was a lie. But he has no time to think about what it means before he is whisked away to the Alexandra School of Heroic Arts to train as his father’s successor.

At school, Nathan and his new friends soon learn:

Dragons are not what they thought.

Neither is the schoolmaster, Claus Drachenmorder.

And Nathan’s dad might not be dead…yet.

Nathan and his friends escape from school and embark on a journey through the mountains to find Nathan’s dad. To succeed, they will need to survive the dangers of the mountains, evade Drachenmorder’s henchmen, seek the aid of the dragons, and unravel an international ring of wildlife smugglers.

Author Bio:

Robinne–an entomologist and educator by training–has never been able to control her writing habit. She has been publishing poetry and short fiction since the 1970s and has been known to answer exam questions in verse. Her books include the middle-grade adventure novels A Glint of Exoskeleton and The Dragon Slayer’s Son. Her non-fiction work includes Backyard Bugwatcher, and a teacher’s guide, Insects in the Classroom, which draws on her decades of teaching as The Bug Lady.

Robinne writes and blogs from her office at Crazy Corner Farm near Christchurch, New Zealand. Visit her at

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