Stuck in the Game by Christopher Keene

Christopher Keene – Stuck In The Game

Meet Christopher Keene  
Growing up in the small town of Timaru, New Zealand, Christopher Keene was the first student from Mountainview High School to win the annual creative writing trophy two years in a row with his fantasy short stories. Having a mother who enjoyed painting and an accountant father, as well as a brother who also became an accountant, Christopher broke the trend of the males in his family by following his mother’s more artistic career path.
Moving to Christchurch to study a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, he won first place in the University of Canterbury Gazette creative writing competition. He stayed on at Canterbury to do Honors because of the creative writing course it provided, while also writing a blog to share his love of the fantasy and science fiction genres in novels, films, comics, games and anime. He recently received two honorable mentions in the Writers of the Future Competition under the pen name Hayley D. Woolf.
Christopher is dedicated to reading and writing fiction in the hope of publishing a popular fantasy or science fiction series that he can be proud to put on a shelf in his favorite book stores.

About Stuck in the Game

After a terrible car crash puts seventeen-year-old Noah Newbolt into a coma, he is hooked up to the innovative Dream Engine—a virtual reality helmet that immerses the player in an online fantasy game. The Dream Engine keeps Noah’s mind alive while the doctors work feverishly to heal his body, but dying in the game could send Noah back into a coma, forever.

While Noah learns how to survive in the competitive Dream Game, his girlfriend is slowly dying of injuries from the same crash. The doctors’ attempts to connect her to the game seem to have failed. Then Noah starts receiving mysterious notes which suggest that the last remnants of her consciousness are being held prisoner in the most dangerous part of the game.

In order to reach her, Noah aligns himself with a group of high-level players. They teach him all the tips and tricks of the game, but the better Noah gets the more the other players are threatened by him. Soon there is a bounty on his head. Can Noah stay alive long enough to save his girlfriend and escape the game?

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Half Life by Paul Shin

Half Life

The year is 1997. North Korea is suffering from a devastating famine that has shaken the foundation of the ruling class. A series of high-profile defections to the West has led the reclusive country’s leadership into the grasp of paranoia.

Nuclear scientist Han Chol-Soo is on a tenuous diplomatic mission to the United States. There he is forced to embark upon a high-stakes pursuit after his wife disappears with their newborn son. Paralyzed with fear at the repercussions of her decision, Han turns to his colleague Park Jun-Young for help—a man that he suspects is an intelligence operative.

He soon regrets his decision as Park cuts a swath of mayhem in the name of helping Han, and the chase forces Han to confront the harsh realities of his home country.

Paul H.B. Shin’s debut novel follows a career as an award-winning journalist for more than 20 years, most recently for ABC News. He was previously a reporter and editor for the New York Daily News. He was born in South Korea and lived in London during his childhood. He now lives in Brooklyn, New York.
P.S. I’m loving the book, this one is right up my alley between it being a thriller and involving North Korea…

Family Reunion J by P. Mark DeBryan

Family Reunion J

From the author of the wildly successful debut novel Family Reunion, P. Mark DeBryan, comes a new and terrifying apocalypse family novel.

The South African flu had put the fear of God into the world. But the press and the government assured one and all that a revolutionary nanovaccine developed by Dr. Julian Ruegg had stopped the outbreak in its tracks. The vaccine had stopped the flu, yes. But two weeks later a strange and deadly side effect became apparent, a side effect worse than the flu—far, far worse.

Jay Brant, mother of two and ex-FBI fingerprint analyst, is trying to survive and get back to her kids as society unravels around her.

Nothing matters more than getting her son Mark and his wife to safety in West Virginia, and then rescuing her daughter Auddy, who lives in South Carolina.

Jay had put her husband on a plane bound for his family reunion in Seattle, then set off on a road trip to the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. Her job requires the trip once every two weeks, and the four-hour drive and overnight stay are completely routine.

As the day unfolds, she begins to realize that this trip will be anything but routine.

About the Author

Mark has always been a bit of a vagabond. Born in Washington, raised in California, he joined the U.S. Coast Guard after high school. During his Coast Guard career, he was an admiral’s driver in San Francisco, a deckhand on a cutter in the Bering Sea, and an aviation electrician in North Carolina, Texas, and Florida. After he left the Coast Guard he worked security, first guarding MX nuclear missiles, then at a nuclear power plant in California. Eventually he went to college in Wisconsin, only to drop out after meeting his future wife. He went on to finish college at age 36 and owned a Miracle Ear franchise for a while. He went into publishing for a short time before becoming an information systems specialist. Mark currently splits his time between West (by God) Virginia and Surfside Beach, South Carolina.