Precipice J Robert Kinney

J Robert Kinney Precipice

About Precipice:
A trail of murders, an unexpected enemy, betrayal and desperation plaguing the friendly, suburban town…A young government agent tasked with solving it, battling his own demons along the way…A new partner with a dicey past, icy exterior, and hidden secrets…An aging ex-military man thrust in the middle of the danger, but determined to atone for a past mistake…And a recent widower grieving while on the run for his life… A dangerous plot is brewing and they must do everything they can to stay alive and stop the threat, but assumptions get tested, beliefs are flipped upside down, and not everyone is who they appear to be.

About Robert:
J. Robert Kinney was born and raised in North Carolina. He has degrees in psychology (Duke University) and forensic science (George Washington University) and is currently working on a PhD from the University of Tennessee in political science, with a specialty in terrorism studies. He’s also lived in Virginia and Washington DC, where he worked in bioethics public policy and lectured on forensic science. Currently residing in Tennessee, he enjoys reading, playing basketball, teaching classes on international relations and terrorism, and traveling. He also loves to study and learn, particularly in the areas of theology, psychology, political science, and forensics.

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