Bing Until Tragedy Cover

Ben D’Alessio: Binge Until Tragedy

Laden with the grief of losing his childhood best friend to suicide and the weight of the “Real World” approaching fast, Joel Lupo buys a one-way ticket to Paris after graduating from college. With his faithful friends, Riley and Kev, at his side, a carry-on full of whiskey nips, and the promise of drugs, women, and the chance to finally speak French (the damn beautiful tongue), Joel heads to Europe to seek adventure, excitement, and new vices.

But through the haze of hallucinogens and prostitutes, new friends and new lovers (Joel quite liked to use the word ‘lover,’ when in Europe), bloody red wine and absinthe, something gnaws at Joel in the pit. It follows him from Paris, across the pulsating cities of the continent. It takes hold of him and eats away at his thoughts, his mood, his friendships.

Across the warm waters of the Mediterranean, an awakening foments on the coasts of North Africa: Revolution.

Binge Until Tragedy is Ben D’Alessio’s debut novel. He lives in New Orleans with a very mischievous cat named Kennedy.

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