Atlanta Writers Club Talks Writing

In the Coffee Shop, we have an extended conversation about writing. A panel of five writers gathered around our favorite table addressed “What’s Really Wise in Conventional Writing Wisdom,” with advice gleaned from years of experience writing and marketing their work. Many of their lessons apply to new writers and multi-book authors alike.


Joining us are:


  • Emily Carpenter (, Amazon best-selling author of three suspense novels: BURYING THE HONEYSUCKLE GIRLS, THE WEIGHT OF LIES and the upcoming EVERY SINGLE SECRET, which is coming out May 1, 2018.
  • Ellie Jordan (, writer and actress, who has developed screenplays and appears in numerous films and TV shows, including THE WALKING DEAD.
  • JD Jordan (, the author of the sci-fi Western CALAMITY, which he is now developing for television in collaboration with a production company.
  • Chris Negron (, whose short fiction has appeared in a dozen online and print literary publications; his first middle grade novel is currently on submission with publishers.
  • George Weinstein (, who is making his second appearance in the Coffee Shop. He’s the author of five novels that span a variety of genres, the latest being the mystery novel AFTERMATH, which we discussed in 2017. He also is the former president of the Atlanta Writers Club ( and runs the twice-yearly Atlanta Writers Conference (



They bring a variety of perspectives, having written extensively and across a wide span of genres, including suspense, middle-grade fiction, sci-fi Western, mysteries, historical fiction, and more, as well as screenplays. The common thread that connects them is that they all met each other in the Atlanta Writers Club writers critique group George has managed for more than a dozen years. During that time, they saw each other grow in many ways. Ellie and JD fell in love because of the critique group and George even performed their wedding ceremony! Both Emily and Chris obtained their first agents through the Atlanta Writers Conference. After years of helping each other succeed, overcome setbacks, and achieve milestones along their individual writing journeys, they remain a tight-knit, supportive network, assisting one other with contacts, advice, and opportunities.


In addition, they assist new writers by sharing lessons they’ve learned and, as often, dispelling wrong assumptions, misunderstandings, and outright bad advice these writers have been exposed to, especially from online so-called resources.


Among the alleged pearls of conventional writing wisdom they’ll support or dispute (or sometimes do both) during our extended conversation are:


  • Write every day
  • Restrict the points of view you use
  • Write what you know
  • Write about people like yourself
  • Pick a genre and stick with it
  • Create an outline vs. write by the seat of your pants
  • You’ll be set once you get an agent/publisher/bestseller
  • Writing is a solitary, non-collaborative activity
  • Write what you read
  • Read books to learn how to write; watching TV shows and movies doesn’t count
  • And much more!


So, join us for a special, multi-hour addition of the Coffee Shop!


Dr Judy L Mohr – Black Wolf Editorial Services

Dr Judy L Mohr is a writer and freelance editor with Black Wolf Editorial Services. While her initial training was in scientific writing, her real passion is for fiction, where the imagination can run wild. Her editorial credits span multiple genres. She joined us to talk about the various aspect of editing and what is involved.

If you want to get more editing tips, you can follow her blog, or visit her on Twitter (@JudyLMohr).