Tanya Binford Crossing The Wake

Readers will come away surprised by her varied human encounters, inspired by her accomplishments, and shocked to see what she faces upon her return home.
Crossing the Wake: One Woman’s Great Loop Adventure is both beacon of hope, and an emotionally transformative tale anyone eager to test their own strength will enjoy. A motivating read guaranteed to energize readers into pursuing their passions, Tanya Binford’s memoir is not to be missed.
Readers yearning to be whisked away on an exciting true journey need look no further than the upcoming nonfiction release Crossing the Wake: One Woman’s Great Loop Adventure. Debut author Tanya Binford walked away from her stable life into a voyage unknown – a solo six-month boating excursion circumnavigating the Eastern United States in a 25 foot Ranger Tug Boat. Throughout both triumphs and troubles readers will find themselves rooting for Tanya wholeheartedly as she sails toward her dream.
As a single mom and a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Binford seemingly had little time for chasing dreams but couldn’t shake her fiery urge to sail the Great Loop (a 5,000 mile journey looping through Atlantic ocean waters, Great Lakes, rivers, and the Gulf of Mexico). When her boat falls behind the group, she quickly finds herself out of her element, but not out for the count. Now as the first lone woman on the Great Loop expedition, Tanya’s journey becomes internal as she discovers her strength and independence.

About the Author
Tanya Binford grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She got married in her second year of college and dropped out when she was pregnant with her daughter at 19. Her son was born two years later. When her children were young she lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. After a difficult ten year marriage, she divorced and went to nursing school to earn her associates degree in nursing. After becoming a nurse, she moved to Tucson, Arizona, where she lived for the next 14 yrs. During that time, she obtained her advanced degree and became a psychiatric nurse practitioner, working in public mental health. For ten years, she practiced as a nurse practitioner in Nogales, AZ, the later years through tele-psychiatry, out of her home in North Carolina. At 51, she took a year off work to fulfill her dream of circumnavigating the Great Loop cruise route.

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